Mbeubeuss: Senegal’s Largest Landfill and Waste Management Projects

The Mbeubeuss landfill, located in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal, is one of the largest open-air landfills in West Africa. The 115-hectare area was created in 1968 on a dried-up lake. Behind its immensity lie poignant realities, symbolizing both the despair of more than 17,000 people faced with air and groundwater pollution, lung disease, insecurity, […]

Perspectives from Two Eminent Experts on Plastic Waste in Africa

At the forefront of environmental concerns in Africa is the pressing issue of plastic waste. More than 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from developing and middle-income countries. Mr. David Dupré LaTour and Professor Adams Tidjani, based in Senegal stand out for their unwavering commitment to finding sustainable solutions for waste management in […]

Unlocking Africa’s Carbon Potential


Africa’s role in the global carbon market Africa contributes to only about 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but African countries are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Between 1970 and 2019, climate-related hazards had caused the deaths of more than 730,000 Africans and incurred an economic cost of 38.5 billion […]

The Impact of Microplastics in Senegal

Recently, the world has become aware of a quiet but pervasive environmental threat: microplastics. All over the world, we breathe, drink, and eat microplastics daily. In the past six decades, human activities have generated a shocking 8.4 billion tons of plastic waste with only a meagre 9% recycled worldwide; a good part of this waste […]

Exploring Senegal’s Renewable Energy Potential: From Solar to Wind Power

Solar panels and windmills

Senegal is a country with abundant natural resources and one of the most auspicious lands potentially for renewable energy. With vital solar and wind resources, Senegal is well-positioned to transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean, sustainable energy sources. This blog post will explore the potential for solar and wind power in Senegal and […]

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Combat Plastic Waste on Land and Sea

Plastic Odyssey, a French ship crew, is on a world tour to combat plastic waste pollution. Currently docked at Dakar’s industrial port, the boat has chosen Senegal as its latest destination, where it will carry out several eco-responsible activities until March 2023. One of the main activities of Plastic Odyssey is to collect non-biodegradable waste, […]

Tackling Plastic Waste: From Pollution to Circular Solutions

The Rise of Plastic Production and its Environmental Impact The increasing use and disposal of plastic have become a serious global environmental problem. Even with technological advances only a small percentage of plastic waste is recycled or incinerated as fuel, with the majority ending up in landfills, public places, oceans, rivers, and beaches. It is […]

Ghost nets in West Africa: The invisible killer of our oceans

What are ghost nets? The oceans are vital to our survival, providing us with food, oxygen, and climate regulation. However, the oceans also face an unprecedented threat from pollution, overfishing, and climate change. One of the most significant threats to ocean health is the proliferation of ghost nets, which are lost or abandoned fishing nets […]

Germaine Faye or the success story of a modern-day hero!

Germaine Faye

She looks quite ordinary, but her story is very far from it. Germaine Faye is the heart of Proplast, a recycling company collaborating with ACC on Africa’s first Verra plastic credits project, the Deekali Plastic. Twenty-five years ago, the LVIA association behind Proplast trusted her to manage one of their projects. Today, Proplast is one of the […]