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Import / Export and Commodities Traded.


AC&C actively imports and exports different commodities from all corners of the globe to and from Senegal.

Being rich in various minerals such as phosphate, zircon, iron, gold, diamonds and many others which offers Senegal the opportunity to take advantage of their reserves considering that Senegal is deemed the doorway to West Africa and offers great political stability.

Africa in general needs many commodities and AC&C recognizes this and actively sources and imports commodities such as sugar, rice, flower and many other soft commodities as well as fertilizers such as urea, npk, map and always strives to offer the best quality and price.

AC&C also has experience in the export of fresh and frozen fish to both the USA and EU as well West Africa.

Since AC&C is strategically positioned and above all on the ground it gives us the edge and the visibility to reach many West African markets through Senegal.


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