Know us

Our mission in Africa is to work on its shared assets with local communities and governments to protect and improve its natural resources.

In 2013, Africa Carbon & Commodities (ACC) was established by Aither Group as its first headquarters based in Africa located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. ACC specializes in various environmental commodities, voluntary carbon projects, plastic credits, CSR initiatives, and joined project development throughout West African Countries.


Mamdou Sarr

ACC Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mamadou Sarr is responsible for business and partnership development and the overall vision and strategic plan. With his expertise in managing project development and trade of various environmental commodities, he is helping ACC build and maintain its substantial presence in Senegal, through which he supports startups aiming to solve Senegal’s and West Africa’s environmental and plastic waste challenges. His vision is to help the Senegalese communities thrive and reach a sustainable future that does not only reduce carbon emissions but reaches social, economic, and environmental stability. 

Outside work, he enjoys fishing, his organic farm and anything to do with being in nature and sustainable agriculture as well as time with family and friends. His favorite Senegalese meal is Soupekandia with seafood. 



Nicole Dewing

ACC Co-Founder and Managing Director

Nicole Dewing manages the day-to-day operations and communications and oversees all legal, human resources and administrative affairs. Working at ACC allows her to be part of finding sustainable solutions to pressing climate change issues and apply market-based approaches to diverse environmental problems, from damaging plastic waste to conserving our natural resources.

Outside work, she loves to spend time with family and at her organic farm with her animals, gardening, and swimming in the nearby ocean. One of her favorite pastimes is hiking in the mountains of Vermont or the Alps in France. Her favorite Senegalese meal is “Mboum,” a typical Seerer dish.



Synabou Camara

ACC Financial Manager

Synabou Camara manages the daily financial operations and HR and oversees the fiscal monitoring and evaluations of all projects.
Working at ACC allows her to take part in meaningful work related to the environment that has a net positive social impact, especially on the local communities.

Outside work, she likes to spend quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys cooking and trying international recipes. You can also find her taking dance classes! Her favorite Senegalese meal is “Soupe Kandia,” which consists of okra and pam oil-based sauce with seafood and rice.