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Proprietary projects.



AC&C‘s primary objective is sustainability. With this in mind all proprietary projects on the cards and those active have a focus on sustainability.

Among other things AC&C aims to involve where possible the local community and alternatively create work opportunities, ultimately striving to create better living conditions where ever AC & C is present.

AC&C is active in the trade and Import/Export of the following:
  • Commodities and Primary Materials – Minerals
  • Fertilizers and Agricultural Products
  • Alimentary, Nutritional, General Consumer and Industrial Products
  • Fresh and Long Life Food Stuffs – Fish and other
  • Waste Products and Scrap Materials
AC&C is active in the development of projects such as the following:
  • CDM Projects
  • Bio Fuels and Power Related Projects
  • Recycling of Waste Materials
  • Land Recovery and Reforestation
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